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Curriculum Overview Summer Term 1 

 English   Biographies: Children will explore a range of autobiographies and biographies,  understanding the difference and completing some in-depth studies of the  texts.

 Poetry & Riddles: Children will investigate various poems and experiment  with riddles which were popular during the Tudor period.

 News Reports: Children will explore journalistic writing and produce Tudor  news reports.

 Persuasive Letters: Children will consider how to be persuasive in role as  Anne Boleyn prior to execution.


 Number and Place Value

 Addition and Subtraction

 Place Value and Addition

 Multiplication, division and percentages.

 Angles and polygons

 Fractions and Subtraction

 Science  N/A
 ICT/Computing Children will continue to regularly use search technologies effectively across  a range of devices in order to find and present information.

 SKILLS UNIT: We are artists.

 History/Geography -Independently place historical events or change on a timeline, remembering  key facts from the Tudor  period of history studied.

 -Use a range of local history resources to describe how an event (e.g. the  Black Death) affected a local town or village.

 -Explain how things change by referring to the physical and human features  of the landscape.

 -Name and locate counties and cities of the UK, identifying and describing  their human and physical characteristics.

 -Explain why people acted as they did (e.g. why Henry VIII married many  times in order to produce an heir to the throne).

 - Link events from periods studied to changes or developments in  contemporary society,, both in Britain and the wider world.

 - Compare land use and geographical features on different types of maps.

 - Describe how a significant individual (Henry VIII) or movement has  influenced the UK or wider world.

 - Select, organise and record relevant information from a range of sources to  produce well-structured narratives, descriptions and explanations.

 D&T / Art and  Design / Music

 Music - Appreciate and understand music from within the Tudor period.

 A&D - Look at portraits by Hans Holbein, including those of Anne Boleyn,  Henry VIII and Thomas Cromwell. Discuss their features: posture, colour and  other interesting details

 A&D - Compare and comment on ideas/methods/approaches in own and others’  work (relating to context).

 A&D - Carve and sculpt materials using a range of tools and  finishing techniques (e.g. sanding,
 etching and smoothing).


 What can we learn from reflecting on Sikh, Christian and Muslim        wisdom? 

 Pupils will be given opportunity to deepen their understanding of Christian,  Muslim and Sikh scriptures, stories and sources of wisdom.

 Pupils will build skills of reflection and the ability to use silence.


 Dance: All children will be performing to Burn. They will develop confidence,  team  work and communication skills.

 Tag Rugby: Children will participate in a non-contact form of rugby, learning  skills and  techniques.

Reading and spelling should be done on a regular daily basis. In addition to reading and spelling, homework will cover the range of curricular subjects over the course of a year.
Homework should prepare, reinforce or extend learning in line with the schemes of work. A year 5 pupil should do:
  • 20 mins reading every night
  • 5-10 mins spelling per week
  • 25 mins per week for other activities / subjects
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Must know Maths Facts 
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