Religious Education

Staff plan using the Leicester City Education Authority Agreed Syllabus for RE.  Religious education is not just taught as a discreet subject but is embedded throughout the other curriculum subjects and may form part of PSHCE, Art, History, Literacy etc.  

Religious Education should be provided for all registered pupils except for those withdrawn at the request of their parents. (s 71 SSFA 1998). This will include school children in Reception classes as well as Post 16 students (but not those at Sixth Form colleges). Special schools should comply as far as is practicable.

Education Act 2002 Section 80 (1)(a); (2) (a) (b))

RE must 'reflect the fact that the religious traditions in Great Britain are, in the main, Christian while taking account of the teaching and practices of the other principle religions represented in Great Britain'.

Education Act (1996 Section 375 (3))

School Standards and Framework Act (1998, Schedule 19, para.5)

Parents may request that their children withdraw from religious education.   However, this would mean that they would be withdrawing their children from parts of other subjects. It is designed to inform and promote understanding and not to persuade pupils.  Copies of the syllabus are available on request.  We have disapplication from daily collective worship. Within our daily assembly/circle times we reflect on moral and cultural issues from all faiths. 

If you do not wish your child to receive Religious Education you are invited to apply in writing to the Head Teacher so that alternative arrangements can be made if possible.  These arrangements must not incur any additional costs to the school.