Superstars Group 

Nurture Group to support and develop emotional, social and behavioural needs 

We are continuously working to improve the education we provide to be inclusive and to overcome barriers to learning. We provide the valuable experience of taking part in a nurture group where children will have a placement of 1-4 terms. The group will enable us to offer a more suitable afternoon curriculum for children who are experiencing difficulties accessing the curriculum in their usual class.  With a modified timetable and curriculum children will be helped in these ways. 

  • To develop self esteem and confidence in their own abilities.
  • Develop social skills to learn to work together with other children. 
  • To build on strengths and interests. 
  • To learn to deal with personal challenges and set personal targets. 
  • To form positive relationships with adults and other children. 
  • To develop more independent thinking and learning. 
  • To use agreed codes of behaviour.
The group will have up to 10 children in a newly refurbished classroom with 2 adults to supervise and support them.  In the afternoon, after registration, children will be collected from their classes by a member of Superstars staff. They will remain in the group for the rest of the afternoon until home-time. Children will participate in group activities which will meet their social, emotional and behavioural needs.