Our Team

At Uplands Junior L.E.A.D Academy we are proud of our staff. They are enthusiastic, friendly and caring.

Leadership Team

Name Position Picture
Mr Bullock Headteacher
Mrs R Gatherum Deputy Headteacher/Year 6 Group Leader
Ms L Matthews Assistant Headteacher/Year 3 Group Leader
Mrs J Weston Business Manager

Middle Leadership Team

Name Position Picture
Mrs Y Ayres Year 6 / Literacy Coordinator  
Mrs S Raybould Year 5 Group Leader / Maths Coordinator
Mr M Cronin Year 4 Group Leader / Maths Coordinator
Mrs K Corby Reading Champion
Miss G Martin SENCO

Year 3 Teachers

Name Position Picture
Mrs S Chowdhury Class 3SC
Miss S Kullar Class 3SK
Mrs Z Adam /
Mrs R Seedat
Class 3ZA
Ms L Matthews Class 3LM

Year 4 Teachers

Name Position Picture

Mrs H Grimshaw /
Mrs T Choudhury

Class 4HG
Mr M Cronin Class 4MC
Mrs T Walters /
Mrs Z Ismail
Class 4TW
Miss M Mamodbai Class 4MM

 Year 5 Teachers

Name Position Picture
Mr J Deacon Class 5JD
Mrs K Corby /
Ms G Southwell
Class 5KC  
Mr A Pryce Class 5AP  
Mrs S Raybould Class 5SR

 Year 6 Teachers

Name Position Picture

Ms Y Ayres

Class 6YA  
Mrs R Gatherum /
Mr G King
Class 6RG 
Mr Morar Class 6BM  
Mrs Rosca Class 6CR
Ms Southwell Intervention Teacher
Mrs K Thurman Cover Teacher
Mrs Wood PE Coordinator

Support Staff

Name Position Picture
Mrs R Patel Learning Mentor
Mr B Hussein Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs F Nazir Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs K Nurmamoda Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mr P Pallett Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Daudo Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs P Ako Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Edwards Teaching Assistant
Mrs M Ibrahim Teaching Assistant / Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss M Makda Teaching Assistant
Mrs R Salleh Teaching Assistant / Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs F Wala Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Wenden Teaching Assistant / Lunchtime Supervisor
Mr I Walker Site Manager / Lunchtime Manager
Mrs M Sheikh Premises Support Staff  
Ms S Al-Haddad Premises Support Staff/Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Z Bobat Premises Support Staff
Ms R Patel Premises Support Staff  
Ms M Patel Lunchtime Supervisor
Ms Y Shaikh Lunchtime Supervisor
Ms S Sheikh Lunchtime Supervisor
Ms T Sheikh Lunchtime Supervisor

Administration Staff

Name Position Picture
Mrs J Weston Business Manager
Ms T Heaton Finance Assistant
Ms H Sheikh School Secretary / Queries
Mr H Faqi ICT
Mrs F Patel ICT/Admin

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