On Tuesday 28th and Wednesday 29th March, the majority of year 5 and 6 children took part in the L.E.A.D STEM trip held at Nottingham Forest Football Club. Over the course of the day, children completed tasks which encouraged them to use science, technology, engineering and mathematical skills. The workshops required children to build:

  • A buggy which travelled the furthest using elastic bands to propel forward.
  • The longest duration roller coaster track for a marble.
  • The tallest tower to hold the Helicopter (Block of wood)


Overall review from questionnaires.

Please note: Not all children filled in each question from the survey. Also a few classes still need to be submitted.


Year 5

  •  The STEM trip was so much fun and we should go to places like this more often. My favourite activity was the roller coaster as we won. (Maliha - 5TC)
  • My favourite activity was the Roller coaster as we got to work as a team. I wish we could go again and also see the football pitch. (Ali- 5AP)

  • The STEM trip was fun and enjoyable. The sessions were challenging which made it fun. My favourite session was the Buggy. (Sanaa - 5TC)

  • The best part about the trip was working with my friends (who are not in the same class) building a roller coaster. (Nakir - 5TC)

  • It was really nice to go to the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) trip. The roller coaster was my favourite activity. (Marha - 5KC)


Year 6

  • The staff on the STEM trip were nice and friendly. (Muhammad - 6BM)

  • It was a wonderful place to be. It was fun. There were many challenging activities. Some of the activities were a bit short. (Bilal - 6RG)

  • It was really fun. It encouraged me to work with people from other schools. I think that you should have more attempts if the car went out. (Rayyah - 6RG)

  • Because of this trip, I would like to become an engineer in the future. (Ayan - 6CR)

  • It was an amazing experience. One of the best trips I have ever been on. (Muhammad - 6CR)

  • This trip was perfect, best place to visit. I learnt a lot. It was nice to meet children from other L.E.A.D Academy schools. (Rehmat - 6RG)

  • You could try new things out and experiment with new ideas. I feel that there could have been more 'TEM' in the day. (Muhammad - 6RG)

  • This trip was a success. I made lots of friends and was able to show all my creative ideas to my peers. (Taneez - 6YA)


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