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Curriculum Overview summer Term 2 


English Week 1: Children will write non chronological reports about the Olympics.

 Week 2: Children will write diary entries from different perspectives.

 Week 3 and 4: Children will compare formal and informal letters.

 Week 5: Children will recount a sports activity.

Maths (cross curricular) Maths (cross curricular)

 Week 1 and 2: Children will interpret and present data. They will also solve one  and  two step questions using information presented in bar charts, pictograms and  tables.

 Week 3 and 4: Children will compare fractions, find fractions of quantities and  solve fraction calculations.

 Week 5: Children will apply their knowledge of geometry by creating Olympic  flags.

 Week 6: Children will complete a range of problem solving activities.

Science Space

 Children will learn about the different planets and the solar system.  They will  create an information booklet to present their understanding. They will also find  out  why rockets are needed and who designs them. They will finally learn about the  famous moon landing.

History / Geography Children will research the history of Olympics and modern time Olympics. They will  learn about the different countries in which the Olympics took place.
ICT / Computing Children will use the internet to research about the Olympics including the  geography, history, food, Olympic rings, Olympic ceremony, events of the Olympics  and celebrations.
D&T / Art and Design / Music Children will create a model rocket and explain how it works.

 They will design their own space suit.

 They will listen to classical music linked to Roman Gods and compose their own music  based on the descriptions of Greek gods.

PE Mini Olympic games - Children will participate in fun based activities which will  monitor key areas used within athletics such as speed, strength, and power.

 Cricket- Children will learn and practice skills such as bowling, batting, catching  and throwing.

RE Children will summarise their knowledge of different religions using religious  symbols. They will also explore similarities and differences between them.

We hope you will encourage your child to become fully involved by:

  • Talking with him/her about the work she/he is doing at school
  • Following up school work, perhaps with visits to the library

Reading and spelling should be done on a regular daily basis. In addition to reading and spelling, homework will cover the range of curricular subjects over the course of a year.
Homework should prepare, reinforce or extend learning in line with the schemes of work. A year 3 pupil should do:
  • 10 mins reading every night

  • 5- 10 mins spelling per week

  • 15 mins per week for other activities / subjects 

Trips or visits this term


Must know Maths Facts 

    The Fact Sheets below can be printed         out, please click on each link to                 download and print

1. 1 -10 Times Table Chart click here

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        EducationCity - www.educationcity.com

 Woodlands School Resources 

 MyMaths - www.mymaths.co.uk

Year 3 Teachers
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